Ordinary Pin Social Institute loan and device request: the procedure


Online Pin Social Institute request and device

Online Pin Social Institute request and device

The Pin is a personal identification code that Social Institute assigns to the user (on request) necessary to access the online functions made available by the Institute. But how to proceed with the Pin Social Institute request? Let’s see in detail all the available procedures.

The Pin can be ordinary or device. Both allow you to access the online services of the Social Institute site (ISEE, Bonus Babies, Checks for the family, Social Institute mortgage request, etc.), however only those who have a device code can activate the procedure for the telematic request of the various services.

The ordinary PIN, on the other hand, allows only the consultation of the data relating to one’s pension or contributory position, and to view the characteristics and conditions of the online services.

In any case, it should be noted that users with an ordinary PIN code can also apply online, to block the possible expiry of the terms. However, the request will be processed only after the applicant has converted his / her Pin from ordinary to device.

Citizen Social Institute Pin request for online Social Institute services

Citizen Social Institute Pin request for online Social Institute services

Established to ensure greater security on the identity of the user, the device Pin is granted to the user only with correct identification. To obtain this code, in fact, it is necessary to go personally to an Social Institute office equipped with an identity document.

However, it is necessary to specify that the PIN code allows you to access only the Social Institute services available for your category of user, based on the personal characteristics and other data present in the archives.

In other words, a retiree cannot access the unemployment claim features. In the same way, a member of the Private Management will not be able to request the Social Institute ex Government Agency loans reserved for members of the Public Employee Management.

Device Pin Social Institute Request: how to get it and convert ordinary Pin

But how to request the Social Institute pin? Social Institute has defined several channels for requesting the PIN code. Users can in fact resort to both the online request procedure and to go directly to any Social Institute office.

However, the code assigned through the Contact Center or online request procedure is ordinary. Only by requesting the code at the Social Institute offices is it possible to obtain the device PIN: the user fills out and submits the request form, presenting a valid identity document.

It should be noted that it is possible to convert the ordinary Pin, obtained online or through the Contact Center, into a Device Pin using the online “Convert Pin” procedure available on the Social Institute.it website, or by going to an Social Institute office.

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